ODMobile Menu

Use the Menu to view reports, search pharmacies, change settings, view images, switch the clinic or user, or log out.

In ODMobile, tap More Options.


See ODMobile Reports for report options and instructions.

Patient Images

View patient images from the Imaging Module. First tap, then search by patient name.

Only Image Categories, not marked Hidden, with images for the selected patient are listed. Tap an image description to view it.


View Pharmacies entered in Open Dental.


Tap to view DoseSpot eRx / Prescription.


See ODMobile Settings for details.

Switch Clinic

If multiple Clinics are signed up for ODMobile, tap to switch to a different clinic. Select the clinic from the list.

Switch User

If using a shared device, tap to switch the logged-in Open Dental user. Logs off the currently logged on user.


The About section displays miscellaneous information.


This runs a test to verify Push Notifications are being received to the device.


Tap to log out of the app. Returns to the Signup Portal Login screen. Users are required to enter office credentials before entering their user login.