Insurance Payment (EOB)

Verify claims attached to an insurance payment and view or attach EOBs.

In a Claim, double-click an insurance payment to edit.

Alternatively, this window opens when clicking Save to finalize a payment from the Edit Insurance Payment window.

Finalizing Insurance Payments from Account Module

When finalizing insurance payments from a Claim using the Batch or This Claim Only buttons, the window shown in the screenshot above is displayed. For detailed instructions on finalizing insurance payments from the Account Module, see Finalize Insurance Payment.

Payment Details: Displays information entered on Edit Insurance Payment. Click Edit to open the window again to change details.

Attached to this Payment: Claims currently attached to this payment. When clicking Batch from a Claim, all received claims not attached to a finalized payment are listed. By default, the list is sorted in the order claims were entered.

View ERA: Click to view associated ERA. Only appears if an ERA is attached. See EOB Claim Details.

Scan EOB: Click to scan or attach a copy of the insurance EOB. If an EOB is already attached, displays View EOB instead. Opens Scan EOB.

Delete: Remove the finalized payment. If an insurance payment is deleted, received claims remain unattached until a new payment is created. Payment splits are not affected.

Click Save to finish finalizing an insurance payment or maintain changes.

Finalizing Insurance Payments from Manage Module

When finalizing a Batch Insurance Payment using the Batch Ins button from the Manage Module (see Batch Insurance Payment for detailed instructions), the window in the screenshot below is displayed. Fields described above are the same, additional fields are described below.

Attach: Select a claim from the All Oustanding Claims Grid and click to attach to the Batch Insurance Payment.

Filters: Set criteria to limit claims that appear in the All Outstanding Claims Grid

All Outstanding Claims: All claims, matching filter criteria, with a sent status or unfinalized payment for the insurance carrier. Claims are sorted first by carrier, then by patient.

Changes are saved when exiting the window.