Canada Etrans Edit

In Canada Claims, click History.

The Etrans Edit window displays the history of the last action taken on a claim. A history of Etrans for previous actions taken can be found in Send Claims, History section.

Message Text Sent: Displays the message sent electronically to the carrier.

Message Text Received: Displays the message received from the carrier.

Preview: Click to generate a new printable document containing the response from the carrier.

Note: Previews generated manually may not contain historically accurate data. See Canada Claims, Automatic Printing for additional details.

Carrier Response

After a claim is received, a carrier will send back an EOB, Rejection, or Claim Acknowledgment.

Write Amounts to Claim: Enter the insurance benefit amounts from the claim response to the procedure estimates on the claim. Only usable for claims that receive an Explanation of Benefits.

Print Patient Copy / Print Dentist Copy: Prints the currently displayed claim response and appends the title with Patient Copy or Dentist Copy, respectively.