eConfirmation Exclusion Days

Determine which days to exclude sending eConfirmations.

In Automated Messaging Advanced Settings, click Exclusion Days.

Determine which days of the week or specific dates to exclude sending eConfirmation messages. If an eConfirmation is scheduled to send on an excluded date, it will be sent on the non-excluded date prior, using the typical send time (as set in eServices Misc).

Clinic: Select the clinic to apply exclusions to. Select Default to set default exclusions for all clinics.

Use Default Settings: Only displays when a clinic other than Default is selected. Check to use the default settings. Uncheck to set specific settings for the selected clinic only.

Exclusion Days: Highlight one more days of the week to routinely exclude when sending eConfirmations (e.g., weekends).

Exclusion Dates: Add specific dates to exclude when sending eConfirmations (e.g., holidays).

Note: Settings only affect future dates. Setting an exclusion date for today will not stop eConfirmations from sending.