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Three types of referrals can be entered for a patient: Referred From, Referred To, and Refer Custom.


  • To show referrals in the Family module, Patient Information area, add 'Referral' to the Patient Information Display Fields. The label for custom referrals can be customized in Display Fields. The Referred From and Referred To labels cannot be changed and only show when a referral from or to has been attached.
  • Customize the referral cell color in Definitions, Misc Colors.
  • Also see Referral Analysis Reports and Custom Reports.
  • To customize and generate Referral Slips, see Referral Slips.

Add a Referral

  1. In the Family module, Patient Information area, double click the Referral row. Or, on the Patient Information window, click [...] next to Referral.

All referrals for the patient will list.

  1. Click Referred From, Refer To or Refer Custom
  2. Single click on a referral in the Referral List then click OK to select.
  3. On the Referrals for Patient window, double click the referral to enter more details. If EHR is turned on, this window will open automatically.

  1. Enter the referral details:
    Referral Type: Options are To, From, and Referral (other).

    Name/Notes about referral source: The referral's name and any notes.
    • Click Edit Referral to edit information.
    • Click Change Referral to select a different referral source.

Referring Provider: The provider making the referral. Only shows for Referrals To. This is required for EHR Summaries of Care referrals.

  • Click [..] to select a provider from the Provider List.
  • Click None to clear the box.

Date: The referral date.

Order: The sort order in this referral will show as in the patient's list of referrals (1, 2, 3, etc). Usually each patient has one "referred from" item, and this is what you are interested in for Reporting. If there is more than one, the referral highest in the list is considered the primary referral and used for reporting.

Status: Track the status of Referred Procedures.

Patient note: Notes specific to this patient. It is separate from the note above which is for the referral source itself.

Referral Slips: A list of Referral Slips generated for this source.  Double click a slip to open.

Transition of Care: If this is a referral for a Summary of Care (EHR), check this box.

Procedure: If this is a referred procedure, this box will show procedure information. Enter a Status to help with tracking, and when the procedure is completed, enter the Date Proc Completed to allow report filtering.

  1. Click OK to save.
  2. Click Close on the Referrals for Patient window. 

The referral name and phone number will list in Patient Information area.

Note: For EHR, when a referral to a 'doctor' is entered, a Summary of Care is automatically sent to the Patient Portal and by default an automatic WebMail is also generated to notify the patient. To turn off automatic summary of care WebMails, see EHR Settings


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