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Definitions: Chart Graphic Colors

The Chart Graphic Colors definition determines the colors used on the Graphical Tooth Chart in the Chart module.

Options include:

  • Treatment Planned, Complete, Existing Curr Prov, Existing Other Prov, Referred Out refer to procedure status. Colors selected for these options (and 'light') will also show as default choices on the Chart - Draw tab. 
  • Main Background: Background color of the tooth chart.
  • Text: Color of tooth number text
  • Highlighted: Color of tooth number text when tooth is selected.
  • Highlighted Background: Background color of tooth number when tooth is selected.
  • Background on TPs: Tooth chart background on signed and printed Treatment Plans.
  • Text on TPs: Tooth number text color on signed and and printed Treatment Plans.
  • Condition (light): Color used to chart conditions.

Note: If you make changes, you may also want to change the Prog Note Colors to match.

To customize colors:

  1. Click Setup, Definitions, then select Chart Graphic Colors.

  1. Double-click the definition.

  1. Color: Click the color box to Select a Color.
  2. Click OK to save.


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