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Deposits and Deposit Slips 

For accounting purposes, you can create deposits and deposit slips for patient and insurance payments.

  • Deposit slips are a type of Sheet and can be customized. See Sheets: Deposit Slip Setup
  • The top-most deposit slip in the list of custom sheets will be used for printing. If no custom deposit slips exist, the internal deposit slip is used.  
  • The internal (default) deposit slip is designed to print onto preprinted QuickBooks forms. These can be ordered from many different suppliers. The top third gets torn off and includes preprinted bank account information. The bottom 2/3 is a detailed report that is kept by the dental office.
  1. In the Manage module, click Deposits.

A dated list of all deposits ever made will show. If using Clinics, click the dropdown to filter the list by clinic. The default selection is the clinic selected in the main menu.

  1. Click Add to create a new deposit, or double click an existing deposit to edit.

  • Patient Payments: A list of Patient Payments that have not yet been attached to a deposit, sorted by payment date, then date entered.
  • Insurance Payments:  A list of Insurance Payments that have not yet been attached to a deposit, sorted by payment date, then date entered.

Filter which payments show by changing criteria under Show in the lower right corner. This only shows when a new deposit is added. Click Refresh to update the list.

  • Start Date: Only patient and insurance payments made since this date will show as line items. If you change the date and click Refresh, the refreshed date will be the default start date for the next deposit slip.
  • Clinic: If using Clinics, filter the list to only include payments made to a specific clinic. The default clinic is the clinic selected in the main menu.
  • Patient Payment Types:  Highlight the patient payment types to include. Payment types will not show if they are marked "N" in Payment Type Definitions.
  • Insurance Payment Types: Highlight the Insurance Payment Types to include.

Search Deposit Slips:

  • Search Check Number: Search deposit entries by check number.
  • Search Amount: Search for deposit entries by payment amount.
  1. By default, all payments are highlighted. If needed, deselect any patient or insurance payments to not include in this deposit (press Ctrl while clicking).
  2. In the upper right, enter deposit information:
    • Date: Today's date by default.
    • Amount: Auto-calculated based on selected payments.
    • Item Count: Total number of deposit line items selected.
    • Bank Account Info: By default is the bank account information as entered on the Edit Practice window or, if using Clinics, Edit Clinic window.
    • Memo: A place to enter any notes specific to this deposit.
    • Deposit into Account: This option only shows if you have set up Accounting. Click the drop down to select.
  3. You have several options.
    • Click Print to print deposit slips directly without generating a preview.
    • Click Create PDF to generate a PDF of the deposit slip. It will not be saved to the database.
    • Click Email PDF to open the Edit Email Message window and automatically attach a PDF of the deposit slip. The PDF is not saved in the database.
  4. Click OK to close the Edit Deposit Slip window lock the deposit.

Note: Deleting a deposit only deletes the deposit, not payments. Payments will remain unattached for future deposits.

If using QuickBooks, Open Dental does not keep historical information about the accounts used when sending a deposit to QuickBooks. Instead look in QuickBooks.

To send deposits to QuickBooks:

  1. Create the deposit.
  2. Click OK or Send QB.
  3. Select the desired deposit and income account for this deposit.

If using clinics: You have the option of sending deposits to 'Class Refs' in QuickBooks. To enable this option and define Class Ref options, see Using QuickBooks, Enable QuickBooks Class Refs. When enabled, there will be a Class dropdown on the Edit Deposit Slip window:

To send deposits to a specific Class Ref in QuickBooks:

  1. Create the deposit.
  2. Select the clinic.
  3. Click the Class dropdown to select the Class Ref. The available options are determined by the Class Refs added on the Setup Accounting window.
  4. Click OK or Send QB.
  5. Select the desired deposit and income account for this deposit.

A message will let you know that the deposit was successfully sent to QuickBooks.

Correcting a Deposit
To correct a deposit follow these steps:

  • Gather all physical documentation regarding the deposit.
  • Print the current deposit slip in Open Dental for your records. 
  • Open the deposit, then click Delete to delete it.  If you are using the Accounting feature deleting the deposit will also remove the transaction from the Transaction History
  • Manually go through and correct the claim payments, check amounts, or anything that was causing the deposit to be incorrect. 
  • Create a new deposit (see steps 1 - 5 above).

Hint: It is easiest to complete all deposits first, then make corrections at the end. This way all remaining payments can easily be identified as the payments to attach to the corrected deposit.


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