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Definitions: Payment Types

The Payment Types definition controls the options that appear when entering a Patient Payment. The changes made to this definition affect all patients. The option at the top of the list is the default.

  1. Click Setup, Definitions, then select Payment Types.

  • Add: Add a new item to a category.
  • Hide: Hide an item so it is no longer an option in any lists. Items are never deleted because that could corrupt data that used the definition. Instead, move the item to the bottom of the list and mark as hidden. To mark an item unhidden, you must open the Edit Definition window.
  • Up/Down: Move an item up or down in the list. This will also affect the sort order of the item in pick lists.
  1. Click Add to add a new payment type, or double-click a payment type to edit.

  • Name: The name of the payment type.
  • N=Not selected for deposit: Enter N to remove the selected payment type from Deposit Slips.
  • Hidden: Check to mark a payment type hidden. Uncheck to unhide.
  1. Click OK to save.


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