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Open Dental has built-in accounting that can be used independently by small offices. When set up correctly, certain transactions in Open Dental will automatically create accounting transactions in the Chart of Accounts.

Note: You can also set up deposits to automatically create accounting transactions in QuickBooks. See QuickBooks instead.

Accounting Setup

  • Set up the Chart of Accounts
  • Set up automated deposit entries
  • Set up automated payment entries (e.g. for cash payments).

Managing Accounts and Transactions

Accounting FAQ

In the Manage module, click Accounting.

Setup: Set up automated deposit entries and automated payment entries. 
Lock: Lock all accounting entries on or before a specific date, e.g. when closing out the year (see End of the Year Process). 
Reports: Generate and print end of year reports (see End of the Year Process).

  • General Ledger Details (list of all transactions from all accounts)
  • Balance Sheets

Add, Edit: Add new or edit existing account types.
Close: Close the Accounting window.
Chart of Accounts: A list of account types that are already setup and their balance.  To view balances on a different day, enter the date in the As of Date field and click Refresh, or click Today to refresh the list to show current balances.  Check the Include Inactive Accounts to show inactive account types. 

Double click on an account to see its Transaction History and to add or edit transactions.

If accounts for automatic payments are set up incorrectly in Accounting Setup, transactions may be attached to invalid accounts and you may receive an error when trying to view old payments.  Follow these steps to identify and fix the transactions.

  1. Update to version 13.1.55, 13.2.20, or 13.3.7 or greater. 
  2. In the Main Menu, click Tools, Database Maintenance.
  3. Click Fix.
  4. A message in the log will indicate how many transaction have an invalid account: "Transactions found attached to an invalid account: X.  All invalid transactions have been attached to the account called UNKNOWN. They need to be fixed manually." 
  5. In the Manage module, click Accounting.  A new account called "UNKNOWN" will show.  Double click on it to view all transactions attached to an invalid account. 
  6. For each transaction correct the account.
    a. Double click on the Transaction.
    b. Uncheck the Simple box.
    c. In the Splits area, double click on the Unknown account. 
    d. Click Change and select the correct account. 
    e. Click OK to save the change and close the window.


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