Update to Full Version

See Installation.

When you order the full version of Open Dental, a support technician will often update the software on your main computer and perform some minor required setup. If you update on your own, refer to the following instructions.

  1. If not already installed, install the Trial Version on the server.
  2. Update to the full version on the server following the instructions below.
  3. Perform required setup on the server (see below).
  4. If using Open Dental on several computers, see Install on Workstation. These steps are different than server installations.

Update to the Full Version on the Server

The Trial version should already be installed.

  1. On your desktop, right click on the Open Dental icon, then click Run as Administrator.
  2. In the Main Menu, click Help, Update, then Setup in the upper left corner.
  3. Next to Registration Key, click Change.
  4. Enter the registration key from your welcome email.
  5. Review the CDT, Open Dental and SQL license agreements. If you agree, check the boxes. See CDT Compliance.
  6. Click OK twice to return to the Update window.
  7. Click Check for Updates to see a list of all available versions.
  8. Click Install next to the version you want to update to. Only select one install. Normally, you want to install the New Stable version. Do not install Beta unless you are comfortable with potential errors. Beta versions are not quite as stable and will require frequent updates.
  9. Any announcements specific to the update will show. Click OK to proceed.
  10. All workstations must shutdown for the update to occur. A warning message will show. Click OK to start the download.
  11. Restart Open Dental. When it opens, the new files will be copied to the server. Installation to the main computer is complete.

Required Setup

Complete these steps on the server (main computer) before proceeding. A support technician can assist you.

  1. Run the Procedure Code Tools to remove temporary codes used in the Trial version and automatically add CDT codes.
    1. In the main menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes.
    2. At the lower left, click Tools.
    3. Check all boxes.
    4. Click Run Now.
  2. If using multiple computers, perform these on the server before installing on a workstation.
    1. See Share A to Z Folder.
    2. Set the path to the shared OpenDentImages folder. (In the main menu, click Setup, Data Paths).

These steps are not required to run Open Dental, but are recommended:

If workstations have trouble connecting, it may be a firewall issue. If you can't get past the Choose Database window, then it's a firewall issue. You may need to create an exception to allow Port 3306. See Firewall for information on how to open port 3306.