Treatment Plan Presentation Statistics Report

Find metrics by user regarding Treatment Plan Presentation by running the Treatment Plan Presentation Statistics report.

In Standard Reports, in the Monthly section, click Treatment Presentation Statistics.

This report shows various metrics about saved treatment plans, by treatment plan presenter, including:



Set report filters before running the report.

Calendars: Select the date range for the report. Only saved treatment plans with a date within the date range are included. The default is last month.

Users: Select the users (or presenters) to include in the report. Ctrl + click to select multiple users. Check All to include all users, including those marked Is Hidden.

Clinics: Select clinics to include in the report. Ctrl + click to select multiple clinics or check All (includes hidden) to include all clinics, including those marked hidden.

Calculated Production: Select an option to determine how production is calculated when running report. The selected option will also determine the available columns on the generated report. See Report Preview below for more information.

Order Presented: Production for procedures on multiple treatment plans will only be counted once. Select to whom production for these procedures should be attributed.

User Displayed: Select how the report presenter will be determined.

Report Preview

After setting the report criteria, click OK to generate a print preview of the report. Below are examples of the two report types and the report columns.

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Gross Production Example

Net Production Example