Raw Screening Data Report

In Standard Reports, in the Public Health area, click Raw Screening Data.

This report is for Public Health. It gives you all Public Health Screening data as a single table for a selected date range. Because it is a single table with each patient on one row, you can do extensive statistical analysis. All fields that are required by the standard basic screening survey are present (https://www.astdd.org/basic-screening-survey-tool/), so this data is compliant if you are required to use that format.

In the Calendar, select the date range. In the first calendar select the start date. In the second calendar select the end date.

Click OK to see the results in the Query window.

The data is intended to be exported to a text file and sent to a centralized office where it gets loaded into one larger table containing data from many locations. For instance, all data for an entire state could be sent to a central office once per month. The data format makes it easy to automate grouping and reporting.