Line Item Unearned Income Report

This Unearned Income Report shows details for unearned income activity in a date range.

In the Unearned Income Reports, click the Line Item Unearned Income tab.

Positive Unearned / Prepayment amounts on this report indicate either a collected prepayment or a patient payment transferred to unearned income, within the selected date range. Negative amounts indicate unearned has been allocated to a charge, has been refunded, or transferred to another source.

Note: To determine user access to these reports, see Report Setup: Security Permissions. The Unearned Income reports use the Complex Report System.

Select a date range using the From and To calendars. The default date range is the previous month.

(Optional) Uncheck Show provider column to hide the column of providers allocated to each prepayment. When checked if a provider is not allocated to a prepayment, the column is blank.

Filter by the Clinic allocated to prepayments or check All, which includes clinics that are hidden. Unassigned includes prepayments not allocated to a clinic.

Click OK to generate the report.