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Open Dental Cloud Client

Open Dental Cloud requires the OpenDentalCloudClient to launch third-party integrations.

The OpenDentalCloudClient is not required to access Open Dental, but users receive a warning if it is not installed.


Click to install the ODCloudClientInstaller.msi installer.

Alternatively, install from the Open Dental Cloud site:

  1. Click the download OpenDentalCloudClient link.
  2. The installer will appear in the downloads folder.
  3. Double-click ODCloudClientInstaller to run it.
    • If Microsoft Defender blocks the installation, click More Info, then Run Anyway.

Computers installing the OpenDentalCloudClient must meet the Computer Requirements.


The purpose of OpenDentalCloudClient is to:

  • allow copy/paste using the clipboard.
  • capture the local computer name for various settings.
  • facilitate Program Links.
  • access TWAIN drivers to acquire images.
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