Mobile Web Troubleshooting

See Mobile Web.

Below is some general guidance if you experience issues with the Mobile Web. Also see eServices Troubleshooting.

Note: Mobile Web has been replaced by ODMobile, an app that is installed right to your mobile device! New features will not be added to Mobile Web, however it can still be used.

Issue: Planned and/or unscheduled appointments appear in the Appointment View after visiting a patient profile with planned/unscheduled appointments. The provider filter does not work as intended.

Press Menu, Refresh.

Customer not registered for MobileWeb Monthly Support

This can occur when a user clicks Get URL in eServices Setup, Mobile Web. Contact support to sign up for Mobile Web.

Strong passwords must be turned on. Go to Setup | Security to turn on strong passwords.

This can occur when logging into the Mobile Web. Ensure strong passwords are enabled in Global Security Settings. Then have staff change their passwords to strong (at least 8 characters with at least one number and one uppercase letter).