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EHR Quarterly Keys

Quarterly keys were used in version 13.2 and earlier for EHR Measure Reporting.  In versions 14.2 and greater, Annual EHR Provider Keys allow access to EHR reporting. 

  • If after July 1, 2014, you need to view historical EHR reports, you will need to Update to version 14.1 or greater.  This will allow you to access 2013 EHR reports and enter EHR data without any keys.
  • To run 2014 EHR reports, you will need to be in a 2014 EHR contract with Open Dental and running version 14.2 or greater.  We will then provide you with a new annual provider key for 2014.  Older versions of Open Dental do not have the 2014 certification that is required for EHR reporting. 

Contact an Open Dental EHR specialist if you have any questions.

Enter Quarterly Keys
In version 13.2 and earlier, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Chart, EHR, Quarterly Keys.

Click Add.

Enter the year, quarter, and the key.
- Year: The last two digits of the current year (2013 = 13).
- Quarter: Jan. - Mar. = 1, Apr. - June = 2, July - Sept. = 3, Oct. - Dec. = 4
- Key: The quarterly key given to you by technical support.


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