Conversions: Perio

See Use Converted Database.

During a final Conversion, we default every patient to a 6 month Prophy recall type. Before we deliver the final conversion to you, we run a script that changes all patients with completed procedures for D4910, D4341, and D4342 in the last three years to a four-month Perio recall.

To view a report of which patients were converted to Perio: In the Main Menu, click Reports and User Query Favorites. Double-click the Conv - Perio Patients query

To change an individual patient's recall:

  1. Open the Family Module.
  2. Double-click on the Recall grid in the upper right.
  3. Click Set Prophy.
    • If the patient's recall is already set to Prophy, there will be a button for Set Perio instead.
  4. To customize the individual patient's recall, double-click a recall type to open the Edit Recall window.
    • Recall interval, time pattern, and due date can be edited for the patient from this window. Recall can also be disabled here.

See Recall for additional information.

To change default intervals, see Recall Types. Be cautious when editing recall types as changes affect the entire recall system.

Resource: Post Conversion Checklist (PDF)