CareCredit Payment

In the Payment window, at the upper right, is the CareCredit button.

Follow these steps when taking a CareCredit payment.

Take a Payment

  1. In the Account Module, click Payment.
  2. Enter the entire treatment amount, and click OK to open the Payment window.
    Note: CareCredit payments are taken for the full amount. CareCredit pays the office the entire amount of the treatment at the time of the payment, then they bill the patient separately based on the terms of the financing.
  3. Verify the paysplits or select the completed procedures and treatment planned procedures.
  4. Click the CareCredit button. The payment type will change to the type set in the CareCredit Setup window.
  5. If prompted, select a provider, then click OK to open the CareCredit Purchase Portal.
    Note: If there are multiple paysplits with different providers (including prepayment splits with no provider) the Providers window opens. The user will need to select a provider from the list to represent the transaction.
    • The Providers window does not open if all paysplits have the same provider or no provider (prepayment).
    • The provider selection does not affect the paysplits in Open Dental.
    • If using Merchant Numbers by Provider, you must select the provider with a merchant number.
  6. In the CareCredit Purchase Portal, click Next.

    • The patient name and zip code auto-populates with the information found in Open Dental.
    • Once this window opens, you have 30 minutes to complete the purchase request.
    • The print button does not print what is seen in any of the forms steps, it just prints a message that the form needs completed.
    • You cannot leave this window and do other things in Open Dental.
    • If you must close the window before the CareCredit transaction was completed, you will be prompted to acknowledge the close. The payment will still save in Open Dental. You must double-click back into the payment to start over or delete it from the account.
  7. Verify the Purchase Amount, enter or look up the patient's CareCredit account number, and click Next.
    Note: The patient name and purchase amount are pulled from Open Dental and auto-populates the form.
    • If the user does not know the Account Number, they can look it up by the patient's SSN & Zip Code or by the Patient's Name & Phone number.
    • The patient zip code, name, and phone number will autopopulate.The SSN does not autopopulate the form, it must be entered manually.
  8. Enter the patient's identification information, select a financing option, and click Submit Transaction.
    • Cardholder ID: Use the dropdown to select an option to verify the patient's identity. Options are drivers license, green card/resident alien, government-issued ID, military ID, passport, state-issued ID, and tribal ID.
    • Financing Option: Select the CareCredit Dental dropdown for options. The options the user selected during setup under CareCredit Action, Manage, will appear here.
      Note: Only options the patient's purchase amount qualifies for will list.
    • Practice Memo: Enter a memo that will appear on the patient's CareCredit statement and at the bottom of the Pay Note of the Payment window.
    If 30 minutes has passed since beginning this process, a session expired message will instruct you to start over. The session could be expired during any of the above steps, you will not be notified until you click Submit Transaction.
  9. Save the CareCredit receipt and print to have the patient sign, then click Close.

Once the purchase window is closed, the Payment window closes and posts to the patient account. The transaction details will be added to the Pay Note of the Payment window.