Register Canadian Providers for E-Claims

For a Canada user to send claims, providers must be registered with the appropriate organizations.

Please note, Open Dental Support cannot assist with registration, this page is only offered as a courtesy starting point for users.


Each provider should be set up with their province organization.

Province Organization
Alberta Alberta Dental Association
British Columbia British Columbia Dental Association
Manitoba Manitoba Dental Association
New Brunswick New Brunswick Dental Society
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Dental Association
Ontario Ontario Dental Association
Prince Edward Island Dental Association of Prince Edward Island
Quebec Association des Chirurgiens dentistes du Quebec
Saskatchewan College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan

When a provider joins with their organization, they automatically access CDA Membership benefits. The exception is Quebec, where providers must maintain a CDA Membership separately.

Some carriers may require additional registration.

Once Provincial and CDA Membership has been completed, contact Open Dental to install ITRANS 2.0.


Hygiene-only practices, also known as Independent Practices, should be registered with the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association, as well as their local provincial organization. For more information, see CDHA Claim Forms and Billing Set-Up.

To send electronic claims, hygienists (independent practitioners) may also need to register with TELUS and Express Scripts.

Some carriers may require additional registration.

Once CDHA, TELUS, and Express Scripts registration is complete, contact Open Dental to install CCDWS to send claims, known in Open Dental as Claimstream.

Mixed Practices

If a practice has both Dentists and Independent Dental Hygiene Practitioners, and they are sharing a single database, use ITRANS 2.0 for claims.