Register Canadian Providers for E-Claims

For Canada users to send claims providers must be registered with the appropriate organizations.

The instructions below are designed to guide Canadian providers (who have never sent electronic claims before using their provider ID) toward the correct resources for registration in order to enable sending electronic claims using Open Dental.

The following information comes from ITRANS. Any questions about enrollment should be posed to the specific organization.

These instructions are sequential, and dependent on each step being completed before being able to move on to the next. These steps are outlined in general terms on each ITRANS enrollment form, and separately online at:

  1. Depending on where your office is located, each dental provider who wishes to send electronic claims must be a part of one of the following associations:
    • NB: Member of NBDA
    • NS: Member of NSDA
    • PEI: Member of PEIDA
    • QC: Member of ACDQ and or CDA
    • ON: Member of the ODA
    • SK: Member of SKDA
    • MB: Member of MBDA
    • AB: Member of ABDA
    • YT: Member of YTDA
    • NT & NU: Member NTDA
  2. Send CDAnet a Subscription Agreement Form for every dentist of which you will be sending claims for. Currently you can find the Subscription Agreement here: Should the file name or link change you can find it by visiting and clicking on the I practice in a province or territory other than Quebec link.
  3. Follow up the submission of the Subscription Agreement with an email to (this email is specifically for the individual who processes the Subscription Agreement forms) to confirm receipt of any and all Subscription Agreement forms you sent.
  4. Follow up the confirmation of receipt of the Subscription Agreement 3 business days later with another email to asking to confirm if it was successfully processed, and if so obtain the office ID assigned, that all the providers you wanted assigned to the location were actually assigned to it, and finally the start date.
  5. Submit an enrollment form to ESI Canada. Currently the ESI Canada Enrollment form is located here: Their form currently does not include the return fax number, you can however find it and a link to the enrollment form (should the other link provided change) here:
  6. Contact any and all Blue Crosses you will be submitting electronic claims to and register with them. For example, Pacific Blue Cross (PCB), Alberta Blue Cross (ABC), etc. You will need to let each of them know all of the providers who wish to send claims.
  7. Submit an ITRANS Claim Service enrollment form for every dentist which you will be sending claims for. You can find the enrollment form here:
  8. Should you not have received your instruction and password sheet(s) from ITRANS in 3 business days, it is strongly suggested that you email and inquire about the status of the enrollment. Your provider identification number and office number are provided on the sheet(s).
  9. Provide your IT consultant with the password and instructions sheet you received from ITRANS so that they may provide the credentials to the appropriate machines.
  10. Should you experience an issue completing any of the above steps, don't hesitate to contact Continovation support. The phone number can be found on their website:
  11. For each instruction and password sheet returned from ITRANS, enter the provider identification number and office number on the Edit Provider window (see, Canada Provider Setup). Create one provider record for each provider/clinic combination, so that you can enter a different office number for the provider at each clinic (see Clinics).