eRx Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links, eRx.

Use this window to enable eRx for your office or selected clinics. Enabling eRx incurs an additional fee. See Fees for Support and Services.

eRx Solution: Select the eRx solution you are using. Window options vary depending on the selected solution.

Enabled: Check to enable eRx. Additional setup is required before sending electronic prescriptions is allowed.

Delete: Highlight a Clinic from the Properties list and click to delete clinic properties. A warning window will appear confirming you want to delete the selected row. Click OK to delete or Cancel to discard changes.


Account ID: Automatically populates when Legacy is enabled.

Clear Account ID: Used by Open Dental HQ only. Used to update accounts as needed.

DoseSpot / DoseSpot with Legacy

DoseSpot and DoseSpot with Legacy display the same fields. See DoseSpot Setup for instructions.

Properties: Enter Clinic ID and Keys for each clinic utilizing eRx.