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Time Clock

Employees can use the time clock to clock in and out of work. 

Before using the time clock, the following tasks must be completed:

  1. Add Employees
  2. Create User profiles for each employee in Security.
  3. Add pay periods in Time Card Setup.

See also: Webinar: Time Cards

Providers using time clock: In version 16.1 and greater, a user can be associated to both an employee and provider. In version 15.4 and earlier, a user can only be associated with an employee or a provider. This means to use the time clock, providers (dentists and hygienists) must have two user profiles: one associated with a provider (to track appointments procedures, production and income), and one associated with an employee (to track time clock events).

The Time Clock is at the upper right of the Manage module.

By default, the time displayed is the time of the computer running the mySQL program (the server). To use a workstation's local time instead (if different), see Miscellaneous Setup.

Clock in: Click your name, then click Clock In.
Clock out: Click your name, select a status (Home, Lunch, Break), then click Clock Out For:

  • Home: Use this status when leaving for the day. The clock out time will be recorded on the time card.
  • Lunch: Use this status when clocking out for an unpaid break. The clock out time will be recorded on the time card.
  • Break: Use this status when clocking out for a paid break. Open Dental will track the length of the break in the time card. Whether or not break time that exceeds 30 minutes is calculated as paid or unpaid is determined by the setting in Time Card Setup for 'Calc Daily button makes adjustments if breaks over 30 minutes'.

A clock event row will be created in the time card each time you clock in. If a pay period doesn't exist, attempts to clock in trigger an alert.

Clinics: If using Clinics, the clinic selected in the Main Menu determines which employees are listed. When clocking in, this clinic is associated to the clock in event and subsequent clockout events.

To view your time card or make corrections, click View Timecard or View Breaks. See Editing Time Cards.
To calculate pay period totals, click Manage. See Time Card Manage
To create rules for overtime or differential hours, see Time Card Setup.

Problem: Employee doesn't list in the time clock.
Solution: Make sure the employee is added to the Employee List and not marked 'hidden'.

Problem: Clock events are not displaying on time cards.
Solution: In Time Card Setup, check that a pay period is set up for the current date. Clock events only show if a pay period exists for today.

Problem: Employee is listed, but can't clock in.
Soultion: Associate the employee to a user in Security. See User Profiles.


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