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General Sheet Properties

Sheets general properties include a name, font defaults, width/height, and page orientation.

When Customizing a Sheet, click Edit Properties.

  • Description: Name of the sheet.
  • Sheet Type: Determines where the sheet will be available. Once a type is assigned it cannot be changed. (e.g. sheets with a PatientForm and MedicalHistory type are available when you click Forms.)
  • Bypass Global Lock: Typically only checked for Exam Sheets. When checked this sheet will not be affected by the Global Lock Date (if turned on). Exam sheets that existed in a patient's chart prior to version 17.2 are not affected by this setting.
  • Default Font name and size: The default font properties used when you create fields. Font support is dependent on the browser used to view the web form. We recommend using common fonts (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Courier) and testing sheets on a browser and device you plan to support. If a browser doesn't support a font, a different font will be substituted. This can affect layout of the sheet. Static text fields in particular may need to be larger to fit text.
  • Width/Height: The width and height of each page of the sheet. These values should not be larger than the size of the paper that the sheet will be printed on. A standard letter sized sheet is 850w x 1100h.
  • Landscape: When checked, sets the page orientation to landscape. When unchecked, sets the orientation to Portrait.
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