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Using Mobile Web - Appointments by Operatory

In the Mobile Web press Operatories to view appointments by operatory. You can also, move, modify, delete, or create an appointment from here.

Modify Appointment Information
Move an Appointment
Create a New Appointment
Delete an Appointment

The current operatory showing is labeled at the top. To switch operatories, press the down arrow and select a new one, or swipe left or right on the schedule.

  • Press the arrows to the left/right of the date to move back (<) or forward (>) one day.  Press the down arrow to select a date from a calendar.
  • Each appointment displays the patient name, procedures, and Appointment Confirmation Status.
  • Select an appointment to show Modify, Move, and Delete icons.

Modify Appointment Information

  1. Higlight the appointment.
  2. Press the edit icon . The Appointment Details window will open.
  3. Apppointment status, confirmation status, provider, hygienist, duration, appointment type, and appointment note can be modified.
    • Click a down arrow to select a new option.
    • Type the duration in minutes.
    • Click Add Note to add an appointment note.
  4. Click Save to save the appointment.

Move an Appointment

  1. Highlight the appointment.
  2. Click the Move icon.

  1. Go to the new time slot in the correct operatory and click on it.

  1. Select the Start Time.

The appointment will immediately show in the new time slot.

  • Appointments will automatically apply Time Asked To Arrive.
  • Provider/hygienist and appointment length will not change.
  • Appointments moved to or from a Prospective Operatory will automatically update the patient status accordingly.
  • The appointment's confirmation status is reset.

Create a New Appointment

  1. Press an available time slot in an operatory.
  2. Select the appointment start time.
  3. Enter the appointment details.
    • Press Select Patient to select from the list of active patients.
    • Click the down arrows to select appointment status, confirmed status, provider, hygienist and appointment type.
    • Enter the appointment duration.
    • Click Add Note to add an appointment note.
  4. Click Save to create the appointment. It will immediately show in the new time slot.

Delete an Appointment

  1. Higlight the appointment.
  2. Press the delete icon .
  3. Press Yes to confirm or No to cancel.


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