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Using Mobile Web

Users who meet Mobile Web security requirements can access the Mobile Web using any supported internet browser.


  • To log in, a user have the Mobile Web Permission and a 'strong' password.
  • Patient and appointment information in the Mobile Web is filtered by clinic. If the logged in user has access to multiple clinics that use Mobile Web, the default clinic selected will be the last clinic the user interacted with. To change clinics, click the down arrow in the upper right, then Clinics.
Sign In
In a supported internet browser:
  1. Go to the Mobile Web Hosted URL. To find the URL, see Mobile Web Setup.
  2. Enter your Open Dental user name and password.
  3. Press Sign In.

Hint: Check the Remember User Name checkbox to remember the user name the next time you log on.

After five failed log-on attempts in a row, a user will temporarily be locked out of the account for five minutes or until a user with Security Admin privileges manually unlocks the account (See Security User Profiles).

Home Screen
The Home screen is the central location for accessing Mobile Web information.

Press an option to access.

  • Appointments: View patient appointments and appointment details by date. 
  • Patients: Search for a patient and view contact information.
  • Pharmacies: View pharmacy contact information. 
  • Operatories: View the appointment schedule by operatory. Add new appointments, or move, modify, delete existing appointments.

In the upper right corner, press the down arrow to open an additional menu. 

  • Home: Return to the home screen.
  • Refresh: Update content.
  • Clinic (): Change clinics. Only an option when the user has access to multiple Clinics that use the Mobile Web.
  • Logout: Sign out of the mobile web.

On subsequent windows, press < in the top left corner to go back one screen.


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