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Using the Mobile Web

Once you are signed up for the Mobile Web and have set up user security requirements, you can access the Mobile Web using any supported internet browser.


  • Versions 17.1 and greater filter information by clinic.
  • In earlier versions, information is not filtered by clinic or provider. All appointments, patients, and pharmacies will show.

Log On
To log on, users must have the Mobile Web Permission and a 'strong' password. See Security to change user settings.

  1. Enter the Mobile Web Hosted URL. To find the URL, see Mobile Web Setup.
  2. Enter your Open Dental user name and password.
  3. Press Login.

Hint: Check the Remember User Name checkbox to remember the user name the next time you log on.

After five failed log-on attempts in a row, a user will temporarily be locked out of the account for five minutes or until a user with Security Admin privileges manually unlocks the account (See Security User Profiles).

Home Screen
The Home screen is the central location for accessing appointment, patient, and pharmacy information. Press an option to access.

In the upper right corner of every screen, press the down arrow to open an additional menu. 

  • Home: Return to the home screen.
  • Refresh: Refresh content.
  • Clinic (): Only an option if the user has access to multiple Clinics. Select from a list of clinic options (see below). Only clinics that have Mobile Web enabled and to which the logged-in user is associated with are options. The default clinic is the clinic the user last interacted with, or, if no recent interaction, the first clinic listed that they have access to. Patients and appointments in the Mobile Web will be filtered by the selected clinic.
  • Logout: Close out of the mobile web.
  • Click outside of the additional menu to close it without selecting an option.

Sample Select Clinic window:

When you first press Appointments, all scheduled appointments for today show. The appointment color corresponds to the provider's color (Provider List).

  • Select an appointment to view appointment details.
  • Press the arrows to the left/right of the date to move back (<) or forward (>) one day. 
  • Press the Calendar icon to select a different date from a calendar or additionally filter by provider.
  • Press < in the top left corner to move back one screen.


Sample Calendar: To additionally filter appointments by a provider, press All Providers and select one. Press OK to close the calendar.

Appointment Details: Select the patient to view patient details.

All active patients in the database are searchable. They are sorted by last name and filtered by clinic (if using). When you first press Patients, no patients will show. 

  • To list all patients, leave the Search field blank and press the magnifying glass.
  • To search for a specific patient, enter first or last name, then press the magnifying glass to return matching results. 
  • To scroll to a specific letter in the list, press the letter on the right side of the window (e.g. press the blue 'T' to jump to all patients whose last name begins with T).
  • Press < in the top left corner to move back one screen.


Patient Details: Select a patient to view more details (contact information, appointment history, allergies, and prescriptions). 

  • Phone numbers and email address are underlined blue. Press the number to call phone numbers or press the email address to generate an email.
  • Press an appointment to view appointment details.

Press Pharmacies to view a list of all pharmacies and contact information as entered in Lists, Pharmacies.

  • Select a pharmacy to view pharmacy details (address, phone, fax, and notes).
  • Press < in the top left corner to move back one screen.

 Pharmacy details: Phone numbers are underlined blue.  Press the number to call.


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