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Mobile Web Sign up and Set up

The Mobile Web requires some setup before use. Depending on the complexity of your network, you may need an IT professional to help you. 

General Steps

  1. Sign up for the Mobile Web using the Signup Portal (version 17.1 and greater), or contact Open Dental.
  2. Update to the latest stable version.
  3. Set up the eConnector (only needs to be done once, shared by all eServices).
  4. Get the Mobile Web URL (version 16.4 and earlier only).
  5. Change User Security permissions and password if they don't meet requirements. See User Security Requirements.

Sign Up for Mobile Web (Signup Portal)
To sign up, the logged on user must have Full Access (Security Admin permission).

  1. In the main menu, click eServices, Signup to open the eServices Signup Portal.
    • The Basic View tab is active by default when there is only one location.
    • The Advanced View is active by default when there are multiple locations.
  2. If in Basic View, select the clinic first (upper left corner).
  3. Hover over Mobile Web to view service terms and details. The unique URL (Hosted URL) used to access the mobile web is also visible.

    To copy the URL to the clipboard, click the button to the left of the field.

  4. Check the Mobile Web sign up box to turn on the service. If in Advanced View, check the box for each clinic that will use Mobile Web. The Total amounts will update to reflect the new charges.

  5. Click Save to save settings. New charges will be reflected within two billing cycles

Mobile Web URL
This URL is the web address used to access the Mobile Web. It is linked to your Open Dental registration key.

In version 16.4 and earlier: To retrieve the URL, in the main menu, click eServices, Mobile Web tab. Click Get URL.

In version 17.1 and greater: The URL is automatically generated when you sign up via the Signup Portal (see above). It can also be viewed on the eServices Setup window, Mobile Web tab in the Hosted URL field.

User Security Requirements
To access the Mobile Web, a user must meet security requirements. To quickly access the Security window, from the eServices Setup window, click Setup Mobile Web Users.

User security requirements:

A entry will be logged in the audit trail every time a user logs into the Mobile Web.


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