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Sign up and Set up Mobile Web

To begin using Mobile Web, first sign up for the service and set up Mobile Web users. Once done use the Mobile Web URL to Access the Mobile Web.

Sign up for the Mobile Web
Set up Mobile Web Users
Get the Mobile Web URL

Set up Mobile Web Users
To access the Mobile Web, a user must meet security requirements. This means they must have:

A entry is logged in the audit trail every time a user logs into the Mobile Web.

Get the Mobile Web URL
To access your Mobile Web, use the hosted URL that is linked to your unique Open Dental registration key. To find the URL:

  • In the main menu click eServices, Mobile Web, then right click on the Hosted URL and copy it to the clipboard.
  • In the Sign up portal, hover over Mobile Web. To copy the URL to the clipboard, click the button to the left of the field.


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