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Graphical Tooth Chart

In the upper left corner of the Chart module is the graphical tooth chart. This chart visually shows the patient's teeth, as well as treatment that has been performed, is planned, or has been referred out. 

To select a tooth, click on it. Click a tooth again to deselect. Click and drag to quickly select multiple teeth. Drag the slider bar under the chart to show procedure changes to the tooth chart over time.


Tooth Numbering: The default numbering system is set in Chart Module Preferences, Tooth Nomenclature.  

Tooth Graphics:

  • A procedure code's 'paint type' and 'treatment area' determines the graphic used in the tooth chart. Some treatment areas show no graphic (e.g. mouth). See Editing Procedure Codes.
  • Colors are dependent on:
    • Procedure status (treatment planned, complete, existing other provider, existing current provider, referred, condition).
    • The colors set in Definitions: Chart Graphic Colors
  • To quickly see the current colors for each status, click the Draw tab. If you change colors, we recommend also changing the text color for Prog Notes Colors to match. By convention, procedures that use metal are a dark color, while those that use ceramic, porcelain, or plastic are a light color. In rare situations, a procedure code may have a color override, in which case color will not indicate status. 
  • The procedure statuses that show depend on the settings for this Chart View.
  • Supernumerary teeth do not show on the chart, and thus procedures for supernumerary teeth also do not show. You can, however, draw them freehand using the Draw tab.

Show Big: To view a full screen version of the chart, click the Tooth Chart dropdown in the toolbar, then Show Big.  

Save the Tooth Chart: To save a snapshot of the chart, click the Tooth Chart dropdown in the toolbar, then Save to Images. The image will be saved in the Images module under Tooth Charts, named with the save date. Snapshots are especially important for pedo offices to see history of tooth eruption.

If you chart a procedure and it is not showing accurately on the tooth chart:

  1. Verify that the treatment area for the procedure code is accurate. Certain Paint Types require a specific Treatment Area.  
  2. Make sure ' Hide Graphics' is not checked on the Procedure Info window, as this causes the procedure not to show on the chart.
  3. Verify that the procedure's status is viewed in this Chart View.
  4. If your tooth chart looks different, it could be due to graphic preferences. These options can be selected by clicking File, Graphics. For example, the Simple Tooth Chart looks like this:


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