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Definition Setup

Definitions allow you to customize Open Dental colors, options, and some defaults.

  • Choose which colors to use for backgrounds, text, and notifications.
  • Define list options, categories, and types available on various windows.

AccountColors ClaimPaymentGroups ProcButtonCategories
AccountProcsQuickAdd ClinicSpecialties ProcCodeCategories
AdjTypes CommlogTypes ProgNotesColors
AppointmentColors ContactCategories Prognosis
ApptConfirmed DiagnosisTypes ProviderSpecialties
ApptProcsQuickAdd FeeColors Recall/UnschedStatus
AutoNoteCategories ImageCategories Regions
BillingTypes Insurance PaymentTypes SupplyCategories
BlockoutTypes InsuranceVerificationStatus TaskPriorities
ChartGraphicColors LetterMergeCats Treat'PlanPriorities
CarrierGroupNames MiscColors WebSchedNewPat Appt Types
ClaimCustomTracking PaymentTypes
ClaimErrorCode PaySplitUnearnedTypes

In the MainMenu, click Setup, Definitions.

Definitions are grouped by category. Click on a category and its definitions and current settings show on the right. A short description of the category and what the definitions control shows in the Guidelines area.

If a category controls list options, types, or categories, the Edit Items buttons are enabled.

  • Add: Add a new item to a category.
  • Hide: Hide an item. To mark an item unhidden, you must open the Edit Definition window.
  • Up/Down: Move an item up or down in the list. This will also affect the sort order of the item in pick lists.

Add or Edit a Definition

  1. Double click on a definition to edit it, or click Add to add a new definition.
  2. Enter or select definition information, The options available differ depending on the definition you are editing.
    • If text can be edited, the text field will be white.
    • Some definitions can be hidden/unhidden.
    • If color is an option, single click on the colored block to select a color.
  3. Click OK to save.
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