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Definition Setup 

Definitions allow you to customize Open Dental colors, options, and some defaults.

  • Choose which colors to use for backgrounds, text, and notifications.
  • Define list options, categories, and types available on various windows (e.g. billing options, payment types, procedures that can be quickly added to an appointment).

For a description of each definition and what it controls, see Definition Descriptions.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions.

Definitions are grouped by category. Some control colors and some control options and types. Click on a category and its definitions and current settings show on the right. A short description of the category and what the definitions control shows in the Guidelines area.

If a category controls list options, types, or categories, the Edit Items buttons are enabled.

  • Add: Add a new item to a category.
  • Hide: Hide an item so it is no longer an option in any lists. Items are never deleted because that could corrupt data that used the definition. Instead move the item to the bottom of the list and mark as hidden. To mark an item unhidden, you must open the Edit Definition window.
  • Up/Down: Move an item up or down in the list. This will also affect the sort order of the item in pick lists.

For most definitions, if you change names or abbreviations, those items will be changed wherever that definition was used. For other lists, changing names does not affect patient records at all.

Add or Edit a Definition

  1. Double click on a definition to edit it, or click Add to add a new definition.

  1. Enter or select definition information, then click OK to save.  The options available differ depending on the definition you are editing. 
    • If text can be edited, the text field will be white. 
    • Some definitions can be hidden/unhidden.
    • If color is an option, single click on the colored block to bring up the Color Selection window


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