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Webinars and Tutorials

What are Webinars?
Open Dental Webinars are online Training tutorials led by Open Dental Trainers and open to participants online. Attendees in live webinars can ask questions and give feedback, all while using their own computer or mobile device. Pre-recorded tutorials are also available (see below).

Refer to a getting started checklist for initial setup information that should be entered before participating in a webinar:

Upcoming Live Webinars
Click register here to register each attendee (one registration per device). You will receive a confirmation email with instructions. Space is limited. Check back often for additional topics and dates. All times are Pacific Time.

Open Dental Basics:

Recorded Webinars
These are recordings of previous live webinars. Click on a link to view the webinar agenda and pre-recorded YouTube video. Some webinars link directly to YouTube because they do not have an agenda.

eServices Demo
Orthodontic Features

Common Topics

  1. Patient Payments and Allocations
  2. Open Dental Basics
  3. Update Open Dental
  4. Procedure Buttons and Appointment Quick Adds
  5. Cannot Send Claims Due to Missing Data
  6. Monthly Reports
  7. Income Transfers
  8. Appointment Views
  9. Tooth Chart Graphics
  10. Payments Report
  11. Time Cards
  12. Clinical Notes
  13. Creating Insurance Checks

Also see Frequently Asked Questions.

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