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Version 15.4

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Version 15.4 was released on 2/24/2015.

Major Changes

Automated appointment reminders:


eServices: New eConnector service enhances and simplifies communication between Open Dental secure servers and your office server. eConnector

Insurance: Many enhancements including automatic ERA download.

Patient Information: Set certain fields as required on the Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. Required Fields

Patient Portal: New Images category allows patient to view documents stored in designated Images folder(s). Patient Portal: What the Patient Sees

Treatment Plans:

Changes by Category

Account module

  • Quickly add procedures to a patient's account (e.g. for products sold to patients like toothpaste). Quick Procs
  • Option to store credit card tokens when using PayConnect. PayConnect
  • Run recurring charges using PayConnect. Recurring Charges
  • For X-Charge transactions, prompt patients for an electronic signature when using a credit card terminal that has signature capabilities. X-Charge
  • Print receipts for X-Charge or PayConnect transactions via the Payment window. Payment Window
  • New preferences for finance charge minimums. Finance/Billing Charges
  • New Definitions category determines Quick Proc items and associated procedure codes. Definitions
  • New display field to show procedure code abbreviation in the Account module. Display Fields
  • New display field to indicate that procedures have been digitally signed. Display Fields
  • Statements that use sheets optimized to print faster. Customize Statements Using Sheets


  • Send automated reminders for scheduled appointments using e-mail or integrated texting.Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Send automated Web Sched e-mails based on recall due dates. Web Sched Setup
  • Preference to set Appointment module default view to weekly. Appointments Module Preferences
  • Customize what columns show in the Family module, Recall grid. New options for Previous Date and Interval. Display Fields
  • Hide or show completed planned appointments. Planned Appointments, Patient Appointments
  • Appointments sent to the pinboard from the Planned Appointment Tracker are removed from the tracker. Planned Appointment Tracker
  • When adding a blockout, start and stop time defaults to time selected on the Appointments schedule. Blockouts
  • The fee for broken appointments defaults to the fee for procedure code D9986. Breaking Appointments
  • Customize the color used for broken appointment procedures in Definitions, Account Colors. Definitions
  • Confirming appointments via postcards or text messages creates an automatic note in the CommLog.
  • New static fields available when designing a Routing Slip using Sheets. Sheets: Routing Slips Setup


Central Enterprise Management Tool

Chart module

  • Preference to use provider colors for procedures in the Chart module progress notes. Chart Module Preferences
  • Chart module shows indicator for signed consent forms. Chart Module
  • Ortho chart columns (Display Fields) can be set to allow selection from a picklist. Ortho Chart
  • View full path of a task in the Chart module progress notes. Chart Module
  • Changes to when electronic prescriptions are automatically copied to the Chart module. New option to manually copy. NewCrop eRx Troubleshooting


CPOE Radiology Orders for EHR. Enter and Approve CPOE Radiology Orders

  • ADA procedure codes for x-rays are considered 'radiology' for EHR purposes.
  • X-ray procedures added for a patient are automatically counted in the denominator for the CPOERadiologyOrders measure calculation.
  • X-ray procedures approved by the EHR provider count in the numerator for the CPOERadiologyOrders measure calculation.
  • New menu item indicates to EHR providers that approval is needed for radiology procedures.
  • Providers can easily view pending radiology procedures and approve them using the Radiology appointment list (marks them as CPOE).


  • Incoming e-mails attach to patients based on matching e-mail address. E-mail Inbox
  • Add CC and BCC recipients. Send E-mail
  • Create e-mail autographs (e.g. sender name and signature) for sent messages. Send E-mail
  • Use variable fields in the subject or body of e-mail templates (e.g FName, LName, PatNum, ApptDate). E-mail Templates
  • Description of e-mail template can differ from the default e-mail subject. E-mail Templates


  • New eConnector service enhances and simplifies communication between Open Dental secure servers and your office server. Replaces the Listener Service. eConnector Setup
  • An open port is no longer required.
  • Install eConnector service from the eServices Setup window. eConnector Setup
  • Patient Portal has a new Images category that displays documents stored in folders designated as 'Show in Patient Portal'. Patient Portal

Insurance and Claims
Edit Claim window.

Send Claims window. Send Claims Window

  • Send Claims window is non-modal. Open other windows while sending or validating e-claims.
  • Page through claim history by week.
  • Validate Claims button checks claims for missing information prior to sending.
  • Warnings are generated when user attempts to send a deleted or already sent claim.
  • Type dropdown on Send Claims window allows extended selections.

ERAs. Electronic EOBs (ERA 835)

  • View ERA button added to the Edit Claim window. Edit Claim Window
  • Set ERAs to automatically download to the correct report path (if clearinghouse provides the reports). Clearinghouse Setup
  • If a matching claim is not automatically found for the ERA, manually attach a matching claim.
  • Carrier names show in the Send Claims, History grid.
  • Patient names show in the Send Claims, History grid.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice - ERA window is non-modal. It can remain open while visiting other areas of the program.
  • Verify and Enter Payment window interface changes


Patient Information

  • Set certain fields as required on the Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. Required Fields
  • Set specific conditions for required fields. Required Fields
  • Medicaid State field added to Edit Patient Information window. Edit Patient Information
  • Referred From field added to Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. Referral Lists
  • Validate the number of digits in a Medicaid ID by state. Required Fields
  • Preference to set the default primary provider as "Select Provider" instead of defaulting to the default practice provider. Family Module Preferences
  • "Email" label changed to "Email Addresses" on Edit Patient Information window. Edit Patient Information
  • Illogical combinations for race/ethnicity are not allowed. Edit Patient Information
  • Double click a name in the Family Members list to open the Edit Patient Information window. Family Module
  • New display field to indicate the number of broken appointments in the Chart module Patient Info area. Display Fields

Program Bridges

Security: Permissions

  • Backup permission shows in audit trail.
  • Complete Appointment Edit permission allows editing of completed appointments. Permissions
  • UserLogOnOff permission tracks when a user clocks in and out of the timeclock.
  • New permissions for Medication Merge, Provider Merge, and Referral Merge and RequiredFields.
  • Insurance Payment Create or Insurance Payment Edit permission is required to access batch insurance payments (Batch Ins button in Manage module) and Send Claims window.


Treatment Plan


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