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Version 15.4

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Version 15.4 was released on 2/24/2015.

Major Changes

Automated appointment reminders:


eServices: New eConnector service enhances and simplifies communication between Open Dental secure servers and your office server. eConnector

Insurance: Many enhancements including automatic ERA download.

Patient Information: Set certain fields as required on the Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. Required Fields

Patient Portal: New Images category allows patient to view documents stored in designated Images folder(s). Patient Portal: What the Patient Sees

Treatment Plans:

Changes by Category

Account module

  • Quickly add procedures to a patient's account (e.g. for products sold to patients like toothpaste). Quick Procs
  • Option to store credit card tokens when using PayConnect. PayConnect
  • Run recurring charges using PayConnect. Recurring Charges
  • For X-Charge transactions, prompt patients for an electronic signature when using a credit card terminal that has signature capabilities. X-Charge
  • Print receipts for X-Charge or PayConnect transactions via the Payment window. Payment Window
  • New preferences for finance charge minimums. Finance/Billing Charges
  • New Definitions category determines Quick Proc items and associated procedure codes. Definitions
  • New display field to show procedure code abbreviation in the Account module. Display Fields
  • New display field to indicate that procedures have been digitally signed. Display Fields
  • Statements that use sheets optimized to print faster. Customize Statements Using Sheets


  • Send automated reminders for scheduled appointments using e-mail or integrated texting.Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Send automated Web Sched e-mails based on recall due dates. Web Sched Setup
  • Preference to set Appointment module default view to weekly. Appointments Module Preferences
  • Customize what columns show in the Family module, Recall grid. New options for Previous Date and Interval. Display Fields
  • Hide or show completed planned appointments. Planned Appointments, Patient Appointments
  • Appointments sent to the pinboard from the Planned Appointment Tracker are removed from the tracker. Planned Appointment Tracker
  • When adding a blockout, start and stop time defaults to time selected on the Appointments schedule. Blockouts
  • The fee for broken appointments defaults to the fee for procedure code D9986. Breaking Appointments
  • Customize the color used for broken appointment procedures in Definitions, Account Colors. Definitions
  • Confirming appointments via postcards or text messages creates an automatic note in the CommLog.
  • New static fields available when designing a Routing Slip using Sheets. Sheets: Routing Slips Setup


Central Enterprise Management Tool

Chart module


CPOE Radiology Orders for EHR. Enter and Approve CPOE Radiology Orders

  • ADA procedure codes for x-rays are considered 'radiology' for EHR purposes.
  • X-ray procedures added for a patient are automatically counted in the denominator for the CPOERadiologyOrders measure calculation.
  • X-ray procedures approved by the EHR provider count in the numerator for the CPOERadiologyOrders measure calculation.
  • New menu item indicates to EHR providers that approval is needed for radiology procedures.
  • Providers can easily view pending radiology procedures and approve them using the Radiology appointment list (marks them as CPOE).


  • Incoming e-mails attach to patients based on matching e-mail address. E-mail Inbox
  • Add CC and BCC recipients. Send E-mail
  • Create e-mail autographs (e.g. sender name and signature) for sent messages. Send E-mail
  • Use variable fields in the subject or body of e-mail templates (e.g FName, LName, PatNum, ApptDate). E-mail Templates
  • Description of e-mail template can differ from the default e-mail subject. E-mail Templates


  • New eConnector service enhances and simplifies communication between Open Dental secure servers and your office server. Replaces the Listener Service. eConnector Setup
  • An open port is no longer required.
  • Install eConnector service from the eServices Setup window. eConnector Setup
  • Patient Portal has a new Images category that displays documents stored in folders designated as 'Show in Patient Portal'. Patient Portal

Insurance and Claims
Edit Claim window.

Send Claims window. Send Claims Window

  • Send Claims window is non-modal. Open other windows while sending or validating e-claims.
  • Page through claim history by week.
  • Validate Claims button checks claims for missing information prior to sending.
  • Warnings are generated when user attempts to send a deleted or already sent claim.
  • Type dropdown on Send Claims window allows extended selections.

ERAs. Electronic EOBs (ERA 835)

  • View ERA button added to the Edit Claim window. Edit Claim Window
  • Set ERAs to automatically download to the correct report path (if clearinghouse provides the reports). Clearinghouse Setup
  • If a matching claim is not automatically found for the ERA, manually attach a matching claim.
  • Carrier names show in the Send Claims, History grid.
  • Patient names show in the Send Claims, History grid.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice - ERA window is non-modal. It can remain open while visiting other areas of the program.
  • Verify and Enter Payment window interface changes


Patient Information

  • Set certain fields as required on the Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. Required Fields
  • Set specific conditions for required fields. Required Fields
  • Medicaid State field added to Edit Patient Information window. Edit Patient Information
  • Referred From field added to Edit Patient Information and Add Family windows. Referral Lists
  • Validate the number of digits in a Medicaid ID by state. Required Fields
  • Preference to set the default primary provider as "Select Provider" instead of defaulting to the default practice provider. Family Module Preferences
  • "Email" label changed to "Email Addresses" on Edit Patient Information window. Edit Patient Information
  • Illogical combinations for race/ethnicity are not allowed. Edit Patient Information
  • Double click a name in the Family Members list to open the Edit Patient Information window. Family Module
  • New display field to indicate the number of broken appointments in the Chart module Patient Info area. Display Fields

Program Bridges

Security: Permissions

  • Backup permission shows in audit trail.
  • Complete Appointment Edit permission allows editing of completed appointments. Permissions
  • UserLogOnOff permission tracks when a user clocks in and out of the timeclock.
  • New permissions for Medication Merge, Provider Merge, and Referral Merge and RequiredFields.
  • Insurance Payment Create or Insurance Payment Edit permission is required to access batch insurance payments (Batch Ins button in Manage module) and Send Claims window.


Treatment Plan


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