API Events

See API Specification

An API Event can fire from any workstation. The format is a web hook, which is simply a REST style call to an endpoint of your choice, so it's the reverse of the normal REST calls that you would make to the API. You manage which events you want to fire by using API Subscriptions.

How to Use:

1. Subscribe for UI and/or Database Events with Subscriptions POST.
2. Begin monitoring the location specified in Subscription.EndPointUrl.
3a. Database Events will fire at the interval specified in Subscription.PollingSeconds.
3b. UI Events will fire instantly for the workstations specified in Subscription.WorkStation.
4. View, modify, or remove Event monitoring with Subscriptions GET, PUT, and DELETE.

Database Event

Open Dental and the API Service generate these events by polling the database at the frequency you specify. The generated event is a REST message that includes the Customer Api Key in the Authorization header.

Types: The type is specified in the subscriptions.WatchTable field.
PatField (Added in version 22.4.8)

POST https://myserver/apievents/appointmentevent
Authorization: VzkmZEaUWOjnQX2z
(there are other headers that can be ignored)

"serverDateTime":"2021-05-04 09:32:45",
"AptNum": 18,
"PatNum": 17,
"AptStatus": "Scheduled",
"Pattern": "//XXXX//",
"Confirmed": 19,
"confirmed": "Not Called",
"Op": 3,
"Note": "",
"ProvNum": 1,
"provAbbr": "DOC1",
"ProvHyg": 0,
"AptDateTime": "2020-07-31 08:30:00",
"NextAptNum": 0,
"UnschedStatus": 0,
"unschedStatus": "",
"IsNewPatient": "false",
"ProcDescript": "Seal, Seal",
"ClinicNum": 0,
"IsHygiene": "false",
"DateTStamp":"2021-05-03 08:30:12",
"DateTimeArrived": "0001-01-01 00:00:00",
"DateTimeSeated": "0001-01-01 00:00:00",
"DateTimeDismissed": "0001-01-01 00:00:00",
"DateTimeAskedToArrive": "0001-01-01 00:00:00",
"colorOverride": "0,0,0",
"AppointmentTypeNum": 0,
"Priority": "Normal"

UI Event

Open Dental fires these events immediately upon user action. They are usually intended for a localhost endpoint.

UiEventTypes: Specified in the subscriptions.UiEventType field.
PatientSelected - Occurs whenever a patient is selected (Patient Select window, Account Module, etc.).

POST https://myserver/apievents/PatientSelected
Authorization: VzkmZEaUWOjnQX2z
(there are other headers that can be ignored)

"Address":"201 S Burnett Ln",
"DateFirstVisit": "0001-01-01",
"DateTStamp":"2022-04-21 11:46:19",