API Modes - Local and Service

See API Specification

Remote API Alternatives

Developers may elect to use either the Local API or API Service modes in addition to our Remote API endpoint (https://api.opendental.com/api/v1). Both the Local and Service API modes operate on the customer's network, which greatly decreases execution time.

A single remote web call is made automatically to validate credentials. Subsequent API requests can be made without an internet connection. This web call is made once per instance of the Local API and API Service and is valid for six hours until another web call will need to be made.

Local API

Version Added: 22.1

The Local API is an instance of our API that runs on a single workstation. Open Dental automatically launches the Local API on startup after the user has successfully logged in. No other action is required from the user. A specific port (30222) is opened and API requests can be sent locally on that workstation.


  • http://localhost:30222/api/v1/
  • Open Dental will close this port automatically when the software closes. If more than one instance of Open Dental is opened on the workstation, only the first instance will open a port and listen for API requests. Subsequent concurrent instances will not run the Local API. No firewall setting should need to be changed.

    How to Use:

    1. Start Open Dental on a workstation.
    2. Choose a database. The Local API is started automatically.
    3. Software on that workstation can make calls to http://localhost:30222/api/v1/ .
    4. Close Open Dental to stop the Local API.

    API Service

    Version Added: 22.2

    The API Service is an instance of our API that continuously runs on a machine. Customers will run this service on the server that is also running their eConnector service. It will connect to the same database the eConnector is associated to via the OpenDentalWebConfig.xml file. A specific port is (30223) opened and API requests can be sent locally or from in-network workstations. It is intalled from the OpenDentalAPIService.exe that is now included when updating Open Dental.


  • http://localhost:30223/api/v1/
  • http://{Private IP Address}:30223/api/v1/
  • An Inbound Rule for port 30223 must be created on the server to allow API requests from other workstations.

    How to Use:

    1a. Update the dental office Server that runs the eConnector to version 22.2.16 or later. Open Dental should be ran as Admin.
    1b. (One time only) Create an Inbound Rule in Windows Firewall for Port 30223.
    2. The API Service is automatically installed and started on this machine (no other workstations).
    3a. Software on the server or any network workstation can make calls to http://{IP Address of Server}:30223/api/v1/ .
    3b. If a subscription has been set up, Database Events will also fire from this machine.
    4. The API Service will automatically start after restarting the server.
    5. Stop the API Service either in Open Dental's Service Manager (Tools > Misc Tools > Service Manager) or with the Windows Service Manager.