XCharge Void Payment

XCharge payments or returns can be voided if the original transaction was processed in the last 24 hours and has not been deposited.

In the Payment window, click XCharge. Select Void from the list of transaction types.

Voiding XCharge (OpenEdge) transactions removes the original transaction from the patient's bank the same day. If the transaction is older or has been deposited, the payment can be returned instead (see Credit Card Return). Returns require a few days to process.

To void an XCharge transaction:

  1. In the patient's Account Module, click Payment.
  2. Enter a negative amount (e.g., -50). It must match the original transaction amount. Click OK to open the Payment window.
    • Alternatively, right-click the original payment, click Refund, and go to Step 5.
  3. Clinics: If using Clinics, verify the correct clinic is selected.
  4. Current Payment Splits: Allocate the void's payment split (paysplit) to a procedure or unearned income type.
    • If voiding a payment that has been allocated: Add a paysplit associated to the original procedure. Check Show All Charges, locate the charge for the original procedure, then click Add Partial and enter a negative split amount.
    • If voiding a prepayment that hasn't been allocated yet, add a paysplit and assign the unearned type of the original prepayment.
    • If the original payment was not allocated to a procedure or unearned type, users do not need to create a paysplit.
    • If no paysplit is added, an unallocated paysplit is created.
  5. After verifying the paysplits, click XCharge and select Void as the transaction type. Click OK.
    • If using right-click, Refund, paysplits are added automatically to match the original payment.
  6. Click Search to locate the original transaction.

  7. Select the transaction and click OK to fill the X-Charge Release window with the original transaction details.
  8. Click Process or F12 to complete the void. The payment window automatically closes.
  9. The Credit Card Transaction Details are automatically added to the payment note. Double-click the payment to print or email a receipt.
Note: Payments allocated to procedures for multiple family members post to each patient account.