Wiki List

Wiki Lists are a way to store non-clinical data in a convenient table format.

In the Wiki, click Lists.

Wiki lists are stored as tables in the database, so they are both searchable and reportable.

Click Add to create a new list, or double-click an existing list to view or edit.

View or Edit a Wiki List




Edit Wiki List Headers

Each column can be entered as a free text field, or a pick list item.

Hide Column: Highlight a column, then click to mark it as hidden. Hidden columns retain information and can be viewed as needed in the wiki list.

Click OK to save changes.

Note: When you first create a list, there will be a static column on the left named "tablename" Num. This is the primary key column and cannot be moved or renamed. It can be changed in width or hidden.

Edit Wiki List Item

Click into a value field to enter data. Type to enter free text, or use the dropdown to select from the pick list.

Click OK to save changes. Click Delete to delete the row.

Generate a Query

Each wiki list represents a table in the database named using the follow format: wikilist_listname. You can generate a query from a wiki list using User Query. Example: "SELECT * FROM wikilist_employeename"