eServices Signup Advanced

In eServices Signup, click Advanced View.

This view opens by default when there are multiple locations/clinics.

Country Code: Used for Integrated Texting Feature only and determines texting phone number and per message fees. Select the country the practice is in. If you do not see your country, contact Open Dental support to see if the service is available.

SMS Warning Amount: Applies to Integrated Texting. Enter the amount (per clinic) to spend on outgoing text messages per month (in U.S. dollars, minimum $1.00). If you reach this amount, you will be unable to manually send text messages until the amount is increased or a new billing cycle begins.

This is a per-clinic limit that applies to every clinic. Example: If $20 is the monthly limit and there are three clinics, each clinic has a limit of $20, but the total amount will equal $60. This amount does not apply to or stop automated eReminders, eConfirmations, or Web Sched Recall messages.

Permission Level: The security permission level of the logged-on user. Users with the Security Admin permission have full permissions and can change eService settings. Users without this permission have read-only access.


Save: Apply eService changes. Charges will be reflected in your next statement.