Sheet Static Image

In Edit Sheet Def, click StaticImage.

Static images are large or small images (Sheet Field Types) that can be imported into sheets. Images can be used for an entire background based on a scanned form or as smaller graphics (e.g. logos).

  • Supported image types are jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp. Word and PDF files must be converted to a supported image type before they can be imported.
  • To add images that are patient specific, see Sheet Patient Image.
  • Small images may make lines and rectangles not show. To fix, add a larger background image as well.
  • Images are not tied to signatures, thus changes to an image will not clear or invalidate a signature. Place information that should invalidate a signature in a text field instead.

Freehand Drawing: To enable freehand drawing on the sheet, it must have a large enough image covering the entire drawing area. If you do not insert any images, Open Dental automatically adds an invisible white dummy image for drawing. If you insert an image, it must be large enough to cover the entire background, or you must insert a second image that does. If you do not, you may inadvertently disable drawing on the rest of the sheet.

File Name: Click the dropdown arrow to select an image from the OpenDentImages/SheetImagesfolder. Or click Import to select another image file. A preview of the image will show in the middle of the window.

X/Y Pos: Determines the position of the upper left corner of the image on the sheet in relation to the x and y axis. X = horizontal. Y = vertical.

Width/Height: The size of the image in pixels. To quickly resize an image to the largest size that will fit in the window, click Shrink to Fit. The File Size indicates the image's original size.

Maintain Ratio: Check this box to maintain the same height to width ratio when resizing an image.