Sheet Patient Image

In Edit Sheet Def, click PatImage.

Patient images are a Sheet Field Types that adds a patient-specific image.

The image inserted in the generated sheet will be the image last added to the Images module category selected for the element. If you plan to include multiple images, store each image in a separate category. Supported image types include bmp, gif, exif, jpg, png, and tiff.


Image Category: Select the Imaging Module category where the images are stored. When the sheet is created, the first image listed in the category will always be used.

X and Y Pos: Set the location of the upper left corner of the image in relation to the x and y axis. X = horizontal. Y = vertical.

Width: The width of the image.

Height: The height of the image.

Note: If an image is cropped in the Images Module, it will still display the full image here. Cropped images only show cropped within Open Dental, where the sheet pulls the image from the OpenDentImages folder.