Select Procedure

The Select Procedure window is used throughout the Account Module to associate procedures to charges.

In the Edit Adjustment window, click Attach.

Alternatively, when attaching a procedure to a Paysplit, click Attach.

Credit Filter: There are three options to filter the procedures.

Breakdown: Highlight one or more procedures to see the breakdown of fees, adjustments, paysplits, payments, and write-offs.

Note: Treatment planned procedures only show when attaching to a paysplit and the Allocations Setup, Allow prepayments to allocate to treatment planned procedures is checked.

Select Account Entries

The Select Account Entries window is nearly identical to the Select Procedure window.

In the Account Module, click the Payment dropdown and Allocate Unearned. If the family has an Unearned / Prepayment balance, the Select Account Entries will open instead, with a list of completed procedures and positive adjustments with a remaining balance. Select one or more production items and click OK or double-click a single item to Allocate Unearned Income.