Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules Report

Print or export procedure codes and fees using the Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules report.

In Standard Reports, in the List section, click Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules.

The Procedure Codes - Fee Schedule report prints procedure fees by fee schedule. If you have entered clinic and/or provider-specific fees, you can also print a report of the fees that differ by provider/clinic.

Note: To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.


Fee schedule: Select a fee schedule to print or export.

Clinic: Select a clinic to view only clinic overrides for the selected fee schedule. Select Default to view the Global fees (i.e., no clinic overrides).

Provider: Select a provider to view only provider overrides for the selected fee schedule. Select Default view the Global fees (i.e., no provider overrides).

Note: The Provider and Clinic options reflect the Provider or Clinic Fee Overrides in the Procedure Codes List. Choosing both a provider and clinic will show only fee overrides for that provider and clinic combination.

Show blank fees: Check to include procedure codes with no fees entered for the selected fee schedule and clinic/provider combination.

Report sorting behavior:

Report Preview

After selecting report criteria, click OK to generate a print preview of the report. Below are examples of the report and explanation of the report columns

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Example 1: Global fee schedule by Category

Example 2: Clinic fee overrides by Code

Example 3: Clinic and Provider fee overrides by Code