Replication: Update Open Dental Versions

When using Replication and updating versions of Open Dental, follow the steps below. Before updating, make sure required setup is complete. All workstations need shared access to an A to Z folders / OpenDentImages with the updated contents of the Update Files folder (e.g. use file replication for shared network folders). See Data Paths Setup.

  1. Pick one replication server to always perform updates from, and enter the name of that server in Setup, Miscellaneous, Update Server Name. This will prevent the update from being run from any other computer. Refer to this server as your primary server.
  2. For all locations, coordinate a specific time to perform the update where all users stay out of Open Dental for up to 60 minutes.
  3. When your scheduled update time has arrived, ensure that all users are out of Open Dental. From your primary server, boot all users out of Open Dental by using Tools, Misc Tools, Shutdown All Workstations (Shutdown Workstations). This step reminds users about the update and also closes Open Dental on workstations that might be locked for employees who are on vacation or out sick.
  4. Ensure that all MySQL replication servers are running smoothly by running the SHOW SLAVE STATUS on each server. Do NOT continue if any slave status says that the Slave IO or Slave SQL is not running.
  5. From your primary server, download and install the new setup file, then connect to the database on the primary server to upgrade the database. Leave Open Dental open and run Setup, Replication, Synch to make sure that all other replication servers receive the database update queries.
  6. The update is complete. Inform all employees that Open Dental is ready for use.