Remote Access

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If users want access to data from outside the office, there are a number of options, depending on the situation.

Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Software allows users to log on to an office workstation from other computers. The data is sent encrypted so it is secure.

Some known options include:

Windows Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is built into Windows and allows users to access the network remotely. The advantage over the remote options listed above is that there can be multiple connections operating at once. Instead of just connecting to a single computer, the server would handle all the connections.

  • Remote sessions may have issues with time zones. See Time Zones for troubleshooting.
  • When using RDP, the client name (the name of the computer remoting in to the server/other computer) will be used as the computer name in various places within the program (e.g. update in progress flag, audit trail entries, computer pref rows, etc.).

ODTouch / ODMobile

Users who do not need full access to the program can access some information from optional Open Dental eServices.

Laptop or Removable Hard Drive

Users can back up the Open Dental database to a laptop or removable drive to take home with them.