Registration Forms

Registration forms are the paperwork patients complete when they first become patients, such as a new patient registration form, medical history, HIPAA form, financial agreement, etc.

Filling Out Forms

There are several ways a patient can fill out registration forms.

Paper Forms: Patients fill out paper forms in your office. Staff enters data into the Open Dental Database, then scans the original documents into the Images module. The originals can be shredded because no paper chart is needed.

Kiosk: Patients fill out forms (setup as sheets) on a kiosk (Kiosk Manager). You can then import the data into the database.

Web Forms: Before coming in, patients fill out forms (setup as sheets) online via Web Forms Feature. You retrieve completed forms, then can import the data into the database.

eClipboard: Patients can fill out forms electronically using eClipboard. The office can then import the data into the database.

Paper Form Templates

If using paper forms, you are free to adapt these .doc and .gif files for your own use.

These files have the signatures on one page, so if you are scanning and shredding, you only need to scan the page with the signatures, and can destroy the other after entering the information into Open Dental.

To create the image files, we print previewed the .doc on a very large screen, captured the screen (Alt-PrintScreen), then pasted it in Corel PhotoPaint and cropped it. If you view the .gif images in Internet Explorer, they may look very choppy at first. Just single click on the image itself to toggle to full resolution. The image quality is quite good.

Other Options

We do not necessarily endorse these companies.

MedicTalk: No import capability.

PT Dental: PT Dental Bridge. Import capability.


Online Forms: These services offer online forms that can be filled out by patients. The information on the form is then typically emailed or securely retrieved by the office. The receptionist must still type the information into Open Dental. There is no place for patients to sign. Some companies providing this service include: