Voice Perio Charting

Use Voice Perio Charting to record perio exams hands free.

In the Perio Chart, click the microphone icon to start recording.

The chart can be recorded via voice commands in English, using Universal Tooth Numbering. A microphone must be set up on the computer. Any microphone or headset recognized by Windows will work.

Note: Open Dental Cloud users are not able to utilize Voice Perio Charting.

Use the following list of voice commands when voice charting. These are the only prompts Open Dental will recognize.

Adding Exams:

Navigating the Perio Chart:

Selecting Teeth:

Note: "Go to Tooth" also works as a command but is not as reliable as "Select tooth" for speech recognition.


Click the microphone icon to end recording.


When considering which headset to purchase, choose one with good noise cancellation built-in to filter out background noise. Keep in mind that a noisy environment or improper microphone setting on the computer will result in less reliable voice recognition.

The following headsets have been tested by Open Dental and have worked well for us.

Voice controlled charting using other programs

Perio charting can also be controlled by voice using third party programs. Below are known solutions.

Dragon Naturally Speaking
Florida Probe Bridge
Dental R.A.T.


Error: Unable to initialize audio input. Try plugging a different microphone into the computer.

Solution: No microphone was recognized by the computer. Check Windows microphone settings.

Error: When trying to chart Furcation, Gingival Margin, Mobility, or Mucogingival Junction, Open Dental goes back to the previous site.

Solution: No probing depth has been entered on the site you are attempting to chart Furcation, Gingival Margin, Mobility, or Mucogingival Junction. A probing depth must be entered before these can be charted when utilizing voice perio charting.