NewCrop eRx Medications

In the NewCrop eRX / Prescription interface, at the bottom, is an Active Medications area.

NewCrop eRx uses the medications entered here when doing Drug Interaction Checks. When a user writes and transmits an electronic prescription, the medication is automatically listed here. However, medications entered directly in Open Dental are not currently passed to NewCrop eRx; users must manually enter them.

To add a medication to the Active Medications list:

  1. Click the Med Entry tab at the top of the NewCrop Rx window.
  2. If needed, enter in Outside Prescriber name and Original Date for the medication.
  3. Enter the first few characters of the drug name and click Drug Search.
  4. Click a medication type to see all dosage options.
  5. Click the matching medication and dosage combination.
  6. (optional) To enter more details about the medication (e.g., Sig), click Edit. Some information cannot be edited once the medication has been added to the patient's active medications. Click Queue Rx once information has been entered.
  7. The medication has been added to the Pending Medications list. Check the box next to the medication and click Record to move the medication to the patient's Active Medications.

The medication is added to the Current Medications list with an icon to indicate it was added via the Med Entry tab. The medication is also added to the patient's active medications in Open Dental.

Discontinued Medications

If a patient is no longer taking a medication listed in the Active Medications list, it can be marked discontinued.

To discontinue an Active Medication:

  1. Click the Edit dropdown on an active medication.
  2. Click Discontinue.
  3. The medication is moved to the Discontinued Medications list. The medication is also marked discontinued in Open Dental when the Chart Module is refreshed (a Stop Date is entered). To change a current medication, click Edit.