NewCrop eRx Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks

In the NewCrop eRX / Prescription interface, comprehensive version, drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks are automated.

Offices must contact Open Dental Support to enable this feature.

If the NewCrop eRx setting Only Show Severe/Contraindicated Warnings is enabled, warnings for mild and moderate interactions are suppressed. To enable or disable this preference:

  1. Click the NewCrop eRx Admin tab.
  2. Click Account/Prescriber Settings in the Account Configuration area.
  3. Choose a status for Only Show Severe/Contraindicated Warnings.
    • Enabled: Only severe/contraindicated interaction alerts appear.
    • Disabled: All interaction alerts appear.
    • The box can only be changed if the prescriber is logged on.

At this time, the patient's allergy and medication list in Open Dental is not passed to NewCrop eRx. If an allergy or medication is not listed, see NewCrop eRx Allergies or NewCrop eRx Medications.

Drug-Allergy Interactions

When prescribing or adding drugs in NewCrop eRx, the system automatically checks for allergies. If a drug allergy exists, an interaction alert is displayed.

Click Cancel to cancel the prescription or adding the medication.

click Continue to proceed with prescribing or adding the medication.

Drug-Drug Interactions

When prescribing a medication, drug-drug interaction warnings appear in the Transmit Rx window.