NewCrop eRx Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions frequently asked about prescribing using the NewCrop eRX / Prescription interface.

Using NewCrop eRx

When are prescriptions synced into Open Dental from NewCrop eRx?

Prescriptions successfully sent or added to the patient's Active Medications list in NewCrop eRx are automatically copied to the patient's chart in Open Dental when the following occurs:

Who is the provider on the prescription?

The provider shows in the upper-right of the Compose Rx window; the staff shows in the upper left.

How do I block an employee from writing prescriptions?

Remove the RxCreate Security Permission. Employees who have this permission are treated as staff and have the ability to write prescriptions on behalf of the provider.

How are clinics assigned?

The patient's clinic is used when the prescription is sent. Providers must be registered with the same clinic as the patient. If patient has no clinic assigned, then the practice information is used.

Setup and Identity Proofing

Why do I need to go through identity proofing?

Identity proofing is required for every provider to electronically transmit prescriptions. This process verifies a provider is who they say they are by asking a series of questions for which only they know the answer. As a provider, you will also set up a device (e.g., a mobile phone) that will receive a one time passcode used for verification. NewCrop eRx uses Exostar for identity proofing.

What are One Time Passcodes (OTP)?

These passcodes are generated by the Authy App or hardware token. The code is only good for 30 seconds. If a code expires and the prescriber attempts to enter it, the authentication will fail. Just try again with a new code from the device.

I already completed Identity Proofing (IDP) when I signed up for NewCrop eRx. Do I need to go through IDP again for EPCS?

If the prescriber signed up for eRx without EPCS they will need to do a separate IDP for EPCS.

I am signed up for NewCrop eRx at another Open Dental location. Do I need to complete IDP again?

If the prescriber is already signed up at another Open Dental location with NewCrop eRx, IDP does not need to be completed again.

What is an EPCS Administrator?

EPCS administrators authorize providers for EPCS. The DEA requires that an office have at least two EPCS administrators. At least one must have an EPCS license.

For offices with only one prescribing provider, you can set up a different user (e.g., office administrator) in Open Dental that only uses NewCrop eRx as an EPCS Administrator (non-prescriber).