Image Info

The Item Info window displays additional details about an image.

In the Imaging Module, right-click a file. In the menu, select Info.

Category: Correspond to folder names. Select the category the image should be stored under. Customize options in Definitions, Image Categories.

File Name: The name and location of the file. Files are automatically named using this format: LastnameFirstnameUniquenumber (the autoindex number of the document table in the database). They are stored in the patient's A to Z folder.

Date and Time: Defaults to the time the image was captured. Affects sort order.

Type: Determines the type of document you have entered. Changing the type will change the file icon in the list.

Tooth Numbers: If this file pertains to a tooth, you can enter numbers for reference.

Optional Description: This will show in tree view with the file date.

Reset: Only available if an image has been edited. Click to reset the image back to its original state.

Audit Trail: View a log of all changes to the item (creating, editing, deleting).