Change Healthcare E-Claims

In Clearinghouses, double-click Emdeon (may also display as WebMD).

Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) is an e-claims clearinghouse. Website:

Updating to TLS 1.2

07/24/2018: Offices already using Change Healthcare to submit electronic claims must update their installation to TLS 1.2 by November 2018. TLS 1.2 is a more secure method of sending claims. The update must happen on all workstations set up to send e-claims.

To update your Change Healthcare installation, follow steps 4 through 8 under New Change Healthcare Registrations below.

New Change Healthcare Registrations

Offices wishing to use Change Healthcare can register using the steps below.

If a second office is signing up but using a different database, you must acquire a separate username and password from Open Dental. If the second office is using the same database, refer to Clearinghouse Clinic Setup.

  1. Call Open Dental at 503-363-5432 and we will provide you with a Login ID and a Password.
  2. Fill out a registration form and email it to or fax it to 615-340-6107.
  3. Download and run WebMD Eclaims Setup.exe on the workstations where you will be sending claims from.
    • Set the Change Healthcare client program to always run as administrator. The program location is indicated in the Launch Client Program field on the Edit Clearinghouse window.
  4. Download and save
  5. Right-click the zip file and select Open with..., then select File Explorer.
  6. Copy the three files, then paste them into C:\Program Files (x86)\WebMD.
  7. A Replace or Skip files window will appear. Select Replace the files in this destination. This will update the necessary files for claim submission.
  8. In Open Dental, set up the Emdeon clearinghouse (WebMD and Emdeon are the same company) using screenshot above as a reference.

See Electronic Eligibility and Benefits for electronic eligibility instructions.

If you have trouble with the claims or need payer enrollment, you may need to contact Emdeon. See

Payer Enrollment Forms:

Dental Payer Lists:


See Send Claims.

When a user sends claims to Change Healthcare from Open Dental, an additional step is required after clicking Send from Edit Claim or Send E-Claims from Insurance Claims window. After clicking Send in Open Dental, the Change Healthcare Claims Manager will launch automatically, users must click Confirm from this window.

Electronic Eligibility

For Denti-Cal carriers, you must also enter the Denti-Cal password on the Denti-Cal Clearinghouse Setup window.

  1. In Clearinghouses, double-click Denti-Cal.
  2. For Clearinghouse ID (ISA08) enter DENTICAL.
  3. Enter the Denti-Cal password.
  4. Click OK.