Conversions: Verify Insurance

See Use Converted Database.

During a final Conversion, we convert as much insurance information as possible. However most conversions do not convert annual maximums, exact coverage on particular procedures, etc. This means you must manually verify and edit insurance benefit information for all patients.

To help you track updates, we mark all insurance plans as Pending (Edit Insurance Plan Window) during the conversion. As you update plan information, uncheck the Pending box to indicate the insurance information has been updated.

Note: Another way to manage insurance verification is to use the Insurance Verification List.

To make the task manageable, we recommend starting with patients who have upcoming appointments.

Run the query Pending Ins Flag by Date to see which patients need their insurance verified. This query is saved in your Query Favorites and will list patients who have insurance and an upcoming appointment.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Reports, then User Query.
  2. Click Favorites. See Query Favorites.
  3. Single click on the query Pending Ins Flag by Date, then click OK.
  4. Change the start and end date in the query to report on a smaller date range. The part you need to change marked as bold below:

    SET @StartDate = '2015-07-15';

    SET @EndDate = '2015-10-15';

  5. Click Submit Query to view the results.
  6. (Optional) Click Print to send the results to your default printer.

For each patient identified, go to the Family module.

Verify the insurance and benefit information. Double click on the insurance grid to open the Edit Insurance Plan window.

Once accurate, uncheck the Pending box on the Edit Insurance Plan window. This will be your indicator that this insurance information has been updated.

Resource: Post Conversion Checklist (PDF)