Canada Procedure Code Tools

For Canada users, in the Procedure Codes window, click Tools.

The Procedure Code Tool can automatically update the Procedure Codes with any missing CDA codes, missing N codes, default auto codes, and remove any temporary codes (T codes) installed with the trial version.

Use caution when selecting and running tools so you do not accidentally reset customized auto codes. The Security Admin permission is required.

Check the tools you want to run, then click Run Now. A message will show when updates are done. Some options are disabled because they do not apply to Canadian users.

T codes: Remove all temp codes (T) that were only needed for the trial version.

N Codes: Add missing no-fee procedure codes.

CDA Codes: Add any missing CDA procedure codes. Newer codes may not be included in the import. Additional codes can be added manually, see Add Procedure Code.

Autocodes: Generate Canada Auto Codes or reset to the default auto codes.