Canada Attachments

For carriers that accept electronic attachments, Canada users can add the attachment to the claim or predetermination.

For Canada users, in a claim, click the Attachments tab, Canadian tab.

Attached Images: Lists images currently associated with the claim.

Send Attachments: Send attachments to the carrier.

Attachment Process

  1. Send the claim or predetermination as normal, without any attachments.
  2. The response returns as an Acknowledgment. Attachments can not be added if the response returns an EOB or Rejection.
  3. Navigate to the Canadian Attachments tab.
  4. Add images or files as needed.
  5. Click Send Attachments.

Attachments can be sent immediately after receiving the Acknowledgment response or much later if the attachments were requested by mail.

Up to 30 attachments can be sent at one time.


To utilize attachments: